Successful impact investment after ICA introduction

We are excited to share news of a significant deal recently closed! After an initial introduction during the 2019 ICA Zambia season, Alpha Polyplast Ltd. And Inside Capital Partners Ltd. have struck an agreement.

As with all investments, the process takes time, but we’re very pleased to showcase the ICA process in action with a successful outcome for both parties.

The Business

Founded in 2015, Alpha Polyplast Ltd brings solutions to the growing problem of plastic waste pollution in Zambia. Today, the company is the largest collector and aggregator of post-consumer PET bottles in the country. Their environmental impact is significant.

But to take the business to the next level, they needed to raise capital for expansion. They entered the ICA pipeline of investment ready businesses during the 2019 season.

Their involvement with ICA resulted in a direct introduction to an interested investor – an introduction that has led to us congratulating Alpha Polyplast on successfully raising US$2.75 million from Inside Capital Partners Ltd.

The Impact Investor

We spoke to Basil Nungwe of Inside Capital about the deal with Alpha Polyplast.

“As a professional investor in the Region, and one that is committed and attached to it, it is very important for us to support businesses that make sense and have a true purpose.

Oftentimes, in our geographies, such businesses go unnoticed and potential opportunities as well as benefits for the environment or society are lost.

Our strong local footprint and good knowledge of the local environment has made it natural to address the Alpha Polyplast opportunity that ICA has helped identify, and that would have maybe gone unnoticed otherwise.

The ICA process is designed so that it makes it easier for people like us to evaluate a project and get the assurance that the business has been through an initial screening round in terms of integrity, impact and growth potential.

The unique combination of Inside Capital’s local and market-oriented approach, and ICA’s ability to unearth out-of-the-box opportunities was a clear winner!”

A Successful Outcome

To date, ICA has catalysed the success of over $80 million in deals.

Basil Nungwe, from Inside Capital, was incredibly positive about their experience with ICA. “We are grateful to the ICA team for their work and support and definitely look forward to participating in future events, as well as recommend them for any serious investor looking at new meaningful opportunities.”

ICA works with businesses to ensure they are investment ready, and when appropriate, sets them up with resources to become investment ready. We are regularly networking with investors, providing information on the current ecosphere in Zambia and resources to ensure investors can connect with growth-focussed businesses. Impact is of the utmost importance to ICA. Investors must be concerned with impact in the businesses they do deals and the businesses we support must be able to provide proof of social and/or environmental impact.

The pandemic has thrown much of the business world into disarray. We at ICA continue to work with businesses in Zambia looking for finance. We are currently accepting applications and will soon be opening the pipeline to investors.

Businesses looking for finance can learn more at

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