Finding impact investment opportunities in small markets is often expensive and risky. Impact Capital Africa overcomes these hurdles by providing access to a screened and investment-ready pipeline of impact enterprises that are poised for growth, and in need of capital.

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Taking the pain out of doing deals in Africa

ICA links growth-oriented African businesses with impact investors and promotes deal-making through our events and direct matchmaking.

We concentrate on post-revenue growth businesses looking to raise capital ranging from $250,000 to $10 million.

As an impact investor, are you:

  • struggling to find growth phase businesses with the right ticket size?
  • looking for enterprises that can truly deliver impact at scale?
  • finding interesting businesses only to discover they aren’t investment ready?
  • eager to explore new markets but worried the research and set-up costs are too high to take the leap?

If this is you, Impact Capital Africa can help.
We’ve got it covered.

  • Deals closed 2018 to 2024


    Deals closed 2018 to 2024

  • Jobs created 2018 to 2024

    > 25,000

    Jobs created 2018 to 2024

  • Deals closed

    > 50

    Deals closed

  • Businesses prepared & presented

    > 100

    Businesses prepared & presented

How does Impact Capital Africa work for investors?

With long-standing and extensive networks, Impact Capital Africa can be your team-on-the-ground. Our networks can be your networks.

Contact us for more information on the programmes we’re currently running, and upcoming investment-focused vents in Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa.

What makes Impact Capital Africa different?

Working with local partners, we proactively source and hand-pick the most exciting impact investment opportunities. We ensure they are investment-ready (or very near ready) by matching them with the best technical assistance and investment advisors. We:

  • actively seek out the best impact enterprises
  • know the SMEs, supporting and following their progress
  • have relationships with the investment advisors who support them
  • partner with donor-funded organisations to facilitate access to affordable technical assistance

Most importantly, we act as a catalyst to bring everyone together as one cohesive ecosystem.

Investors benefit by being able to explore this investment-ready pipeline long before meeting impact businesses face to face, saving time and money in sourcing new projects and maximising the chance of closing successful deals.

We believe in the power of technology to make things work efficiently. But we also believe in doing things personally which makes Impact Starter very different from other online investment platforms.

Want to browse our high growth business profiles?

Contact us to hear more about and meet the businesses we're currently working with.

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