Are you looking for investment opportunities in South Africa?

We understand the difficulties that investors have in finding businesses that are investment ready and suitable for their impact requirements.

The Anglo American Sustainable Investment Initiative was created to provide investors with a pipeline of investment-ready opportunities that they may not have had access to otherwise. We want to help businesses looking for finance to overcome the final hurdles in preparing for investment and finding appropriate investors.

Our team is looking for innovative, impactful businesses with operations in Limpopo, the North West and the Northern Cape. We want to help them achieve investment readiness through our technical assistance programme, and also give them access to a matchmaking platform where they can connect with sustainable investors.

We are looking for motivated and dynamic investors to partner with us.

Participation in the Initiative gives you:

  • Access to a curated and qualified pipeline of relevant deals
  • Technical Assistance (TA) support to get pipeline deals over final investment readiness hurdles
  • Contribution to scoping a new Anglo American catalytic capital facility to provide additional transaction support for impact investments.

We can partner in 2 ways:

1. Join our investor cohort to gain access to a curated pipeline of impact-oriented deal opportunities.

Anglo American has built a dedicated sustainable investing team to find, prepare and support 20 to 30 eligible and investment-ready companies to secure investment. Our team will also use the initiative to gather feedback from investors and businesses to help the design of an Anglo American-backed concessional capital facility.

As part of the cohort, we ask that investors engage with our assessment and matchmaking process:

  • Review teasers of eligible businesses that meet your investment criteria and indicating which interest you. Businesses that are of interest will be in line to receive technical assistance
  • Register on Impact Starter, an online origination platform where you can peruse investment opportunities and contact businesses
  • Participate in pitch events in November 2021 that showcase projects that match your investment criteria
  • Sign non-binding expressions of interest following the pitch events with companies that you might be interested in investing in. We will use these EOIs to evaluate the success of the initiative
  • Help scope an Anglo American concessional capital facility. As part of the initiative, we want to assess the role Anglo American can play in further unlocking deals

Register your interest here

2. Recommend companies or projects for inclusion in the Initiative pipeline.

We are sourcing deals through our investor network by looking for companies that are close to investment but need support in overcoming the final barriers.



If you have businesses in your network or portfolio who show great promise, but need help to fully prepare for investment, we would love to connect with them.



Have a look at the Eligibility Criteria below, and if you have businesses you would like to recommend for an upcoming cohort:





Contact us at [email protected]









Eligibility criteria

Before recommending businesses, review the Initiative eligiblity criteria to make sure they’re a good fit.

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